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Lift Solution Firming Mask
Peel-Off Alginate Mask

Peel-off rubberized masks form a unique skin care restoration system that uses nature's own ingredients to deeply penetrate all active ingredients while moisturizing the surface of the skin.


All alginate masks include exfoliation and steam.


Pomegranate: Mature/Sun-Damaged 


Bio Marine: Rosacea/Calming/Balancing


Skin Fading: Brightening/Lightening for hyperpigmentation


Spirulina: Oily/Acne-prone skin


Vitamin C: Anti-aging/Mature/Clearing


Fig Extract: Mature/Revitalizes/Strengthens tired sagging skin


Extreme Hydration: Sensitive/Dehydrated


Hibiscus Algae Glucose: Relaxes facial expression lines/Anti-Wrinkle

Improves appearance of expression lines.  Reduces depth of wrinkles, and firms/tightens the skin.


Restores the skins youthful appearance without losing its natural radiance!


Active Ingredients:


Acmella Oleracea (natural alternative to botox)








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