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Facial Treatments

Age Smart Facial

dry, dehydrated, mature, and premature-aging skin

A maximum-strength exfoliant and powerful mask of concentrated vitamins A, C, E and F to help skin recover from damage that leads to skin aging.

Skin-Clarifying Facial

skin with excess oil production

A skin-polishing scrub and clay-based mask that is rich in minerals. The mineral-based clays have irregulating and refining effects on the skin as they normalize sebaceous secretions.

Oatmeal Facial

environmentally sensitive skin

A rice-based enzyme powder microfoliant and a smooth and creamy oatmeal mask that soothes ultra-sensitive skin. Calms irritated and stressed skin.

Medi Bac Facial

acne/breakout-prone skin

A two-part exfoliation and mask containing active enzymes to help clear bacteria. Contains skin-calming botanicals to soothe irritation brought on by breakouts.

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